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Since our foundation, one of the motivating elements of our institution was, and continues to be, becoming a space that can represent first-rate options for professionals who coincide with our objectives of excellence, always respecting the values ​​of honesty, friendship, respect mutual, transparency and internal cooperation as essential elements.


This, so that ARAQUEREYNA would always be a space for professional development in which those of us who work in it would feel comfortable and bet at all times on its institutional strengthening, not only for the benefit of each of those present, but also thinking of institutional development for future generations, as a model institution.

– Manuel Reyna, Founding Partner

What profile are we looking for?

Our Firm is made up of people, so we look for those who share our values, are guided by our quest for excellence, are team-oriented, are capable of innovating and adapting to these changing times, and are willing to go further. there to provide the best legal assistance and support possible to our clients.


We take care to maintain a cordial work environment; We have a policy against all types of harassment and discrimination. We have professionals who always have their doors open to help and support each other.

Being a multi-practice firm allows us to provide different types of services to our clients. And, for this very reason, the students who work with us are always exposed to various areas of law, which allows them to better identify their professional preferences.

We are a law firm that promotes and practices sustainability.

We promote social commitment through “pro bono” work as one of the main expressions of responsibility towards others.

As well as, we encourage environmental commitment, based on responsible consumption, through initiatives aimed at the use, reuse and recycling of materials.


Our firm enjoys a very high reputation, not only in national institutions of the highest level, but also in international institutions of first stature and scope, all of which has been identified in the different most prestigious professional “rankings” such as those carried out the main and largest publications such as Chambers & Partners, Lex Latin, Legal 500, Latin Lawyer, Legal Counsel, etc, which rate us among the best firms in the country.

Importance to education

We identify a permanent need, not only to cultivate excellence as a fundamental value but also to engage with future generations, which is why we support and reinforce the teaching capacities of our members.

Likewise, we permanently encourage internal and external training and professional updating activities for our members, as well as training for young people.

Carrer plan

We are committed to the personal and professional growth of our team, which is why we have a career plan that invites you to always give the best of yourself, through which you can monitor your progress within the Desk, being able to anticipate what they are. the necessary requirements and what you can expect from your future professional evolution.

We are committed to excellence and the growth and strengthening of our team, which is why we are always looking for outstanding profiles in the sector.



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