This Department is made up of a group of specialists in Tax Law and Public Finance with extensive experience and training in the public sector (SENIAT and Attorney General’s Office), the university teaching activity at a postgraduate level, and the preparation of numerous publications that are a reference in the subject of taxation.

The tax department offers its clients attention in the following matters:

Business Tax Implications

Study of tax implications in any business scheme (obligations, advantages and disadvantages).

Interpretation of Tax Rules

Analysis of tax regulations in order to prevent or correct mistakes in their application and use.

Tax Contingencies

Analysis of tax contingencies (remote, probable or possible) and necessary advising in the search for solutions and/or adoption of required prevention measures.

Tax Assessments and Investigations

Advising to face tax investigations and/or to assume defenses against tax assessments in their different stages or instances (administrative and judicial).

Administrative and Judicial Appeals

Filing and follow-up of defense briefs, hierarchical appeals and/or appeals before the courts.

Payment Agreements

Actions to reach agreements for payment in installments to pay tax debts.

Surplus Recovery and Assignment

Advising to transact recovery of VAT surpluses, as well as to negotiate the assignment of recovered credits and/or Income Tax withholdings.

Tax Planning

Analyze legal and adequate measures and forms to conduct financial operations which facilitate reduction of tax burdens in order to achieve a healthy economy of resources.

International Taxation

Advising aimed at analyzing international conventions on taxation and/or tax laws of other countries applicable to activities or businesses that go beyond the borders of the country.

Inheritance Matters

Preparation and filing of inheritance statements, including any type of procedure necessary for the liquidation and/or distribution of inheritances.



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