Project Finance

Our team has decades of recognized experience in advising and actively participating in the financing of projects in the petrochemical, oil, metallurgical and iron ore sectors, as well as real estate, urban, environmental and construction projects of dams and bridges, residential complexes and shopping centers, just to mention some of the most outstanding

sectors. In these projects, we have participated and interacted with important national and foreign financial institutions, as well as with the most prestigious law and accounting firms in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America in the area of project finance. Our advice includes the analysis of banking regulations; public credit regulations; conversion of public debt into investment; contractual clauses and obligations, both civil and commercial; personal guarantees; letters of credit; real estate and chattel collateral, both on goods and rights located in Venezuela and in other jurisdictions; obligations and guarantees in foreign currency; Venezuelan and foreign regulations in the area of capital markets as a means of raising funds for projects in international markets; insurance and reinsurance; private international law; foreign investment rules and regulations; and environmental and industrial safety rules and regulations.

The partners in this practice area also have extensive experience in the financial restructuring of projects, both public and private. We have advised on the financing of both purely private investment projects as well as public and private participation projects. This practice area is definitely one of the most interesting, intense, and complex areas of the firm due to its particularities and the size of the projects financed.

project finance