Labor and Immigration 


Likewise, we have vast experience advising and providing legal assistance related to visa procedures for expatriates and also for Venezuelans who intend to apply for visas to migrate to other countries.

Thanks to our specialized team in the area, the implementation of our resources and our network of professionals related to the matter, over the years we have been able to successfully carry out different immigration processes; including assisting our clients in obtaining documents that support their immigration applications, even supporting them with their apostille or legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and providing translation services when necessary, thanks to the fact that we have an important network of public translators.

By virtue of our track record, we have assisted renowned foreign multinationals with operations in the country in all procedures related to obtaining business visas (TR-N) and work visas (TR-L) for their executives and qualified expatriate personnel, as well as visas for their family members, and even residency procedures.

Our firm has been working closely with global immigration firms, offering our services to their clients, multinational companies, which require relocation of their personnel, especially supporting them in the immigration procedures of Venezuelans transferred abroad.



We have extensive experience in administrative and judicial instances. We provide general labor advisory services in human resources, collective bargaining agreements, prevention of labor risks, negotiations, audits, occupational health and safety, and immigration issues such as labor visas and the corresponding visas for family members of foreign workers, as described in the following paragraphs.

Our specialists have had relevant actions with business associations in the analysis and discussion of draft laws related to labor and social security issues.

Labor and immigration