Construction and Real Estate

We have a highly qualified and recognized team that provides legal advice to our clients in the design and execution of real estate developments. We advise them in the acquisition of real estate, in the execution of construction contracts, in the evaluation and structuring of financing methods, in the sales phases and, in general, in the design of the real estate development until its completion, whether it is an office, commercial or housing project. We also advise our clients in all matters related to the leasing of land, commercial premises, offices, homes and warehouses.

On the other hand, as our team has participated in the drafting of real estate laws and its members participate in various trade associations, such as the Construction Chamber and the Real Estate Committee of the Cámara Venezolano Americana de Comercio e Industria (VENANCHAM), we have valuable information for our clients.

We also assist the hotel sector in all legal matters related to hotel management and operation.

Construction and real estate