Capital Markets and Securities Regulations

Our firm maintains an extremely broad and recognized professional activity in the area of Capital Markets. We have a team of lawyers that provides highly specialized advice to domestic and foreign institutions, as well as to important law firms in the United States, Europe and Latin America, in connection with all types of matters related to the securities market in Venezuela.

The daily work of the area includes the analysis of the regulatory and contractual aspects applicable to the world of the securities market in Venezuela and in other jurisdictions. Likewise, we offer legal advisory services to various organizations on securities placement regulations in Venezuela and abroad. In this regard, we carry out comparative analyses of Venezuelan securities regulations and the regulations of other jurisdictions and, we study the impact that Venezuelan securities regulations could potentially have in the event that a Venezuelan domiciled company intends to operate in international markets or, conversely, in the event that companies not domiciled in Venezuela explore the possibility of operating in the Venezuelan securities market.

We have worked in public and private placements, both public and private, securitization, and placement of bonds and derivatives in the domestic and foreign markets. We also provide very active and permanent advice in this area to Venezuelan individuals or legal entities that wish to act in the domestic or foreign securities market, including advice in the drafting of documents related to this area.

Our team prepares and issues reports and legal opinions to national and foreign financial and stock market institutions, foreign law firms and national and foreign companies, linked or wishing to be linked to the world of the stock market in Venezuela and other jurisdictions. In addition, our advice in this area includes the analysis of anti-corruption and money laundering regulations and their impact on the securities market, as well as all types of evaluations and procedures in the case of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and takeover bids.

Capital Markets and Securities regulations