Banking and Finance

Our team has a very extensive and intense professional activity in relation to domestic and foreign banks and financial institutions and maintains a close and permanent interaction with the most important law firms in the financial area in the United States, Europe and Latin America, including Venezuela. Our practice extends to the different areas of the world of banking and financial institutions in the areas of corporate banking, private banking, investment banking, trusts, and related areas such as capital markets, insurance and crypto-assets.

The advisory services we offer in this practice area include the analysis of regulatory aspects in the domestic and foreign financial world, the drafting and negotiation of contracts and the constitution of guarantees on real estate and tangible and intangible assets. It also includes the study of the Venezuelan legal system in relation to the rules governing contracts, guarantees, Bankruptcy Law (bankruptcy and arrears), International Private Law (cross border transactions), international operations in foreign currency and foreign trade.

Depending on whether we are dealing with private or corporate banking, we also assist our clients in inheritance law, financial advisory and commercial matters, among which corporate matters stand out. We perform important legal consulting work and prepare opinions on financial matters, including the analysis of anti-corruption, money laundering and terrorist financing laws and regulations, both in Venezuela and in other jurisdictions.

banking and finance