This department functions as a hinge of all the units of our Firm. Moreover, some of its members are involved in important university teaching work. The following stand out among the main activities in this area:

Civil and Commercial Law

A good number of the Lawyers of the Firm provide legal advice to clients as regards the day to day of every company, especially in matters of contracts, new businesses, etc.

Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)

In recent years, globalization has encouraged this type of transactions because of the greater participation of multinational companies in our country. Some of our lawyers have taken part in important processes of this type, from planning to full execution.

Project Finance

Although in recent times the practice has focused more on the restructuring of financing projects than on the original financing, the team of Araque Reyna Sosa & Viso Asociados has a wide experience in the area of Project Finance, both from the point of view of the financier and the recipient of the funds, especially in the petrochemical and iron ore sectors. Work has been done on both governmental and private financing.

Corporate Governance

Some of our lawyers have been front runners in the promotion and dissemination of Corporate Governance good practices benefits, and they conduct the Corporate Governance Committee of the Venezuelan Association of Executives (AVE), a non-governmental organization leading that field in the country.


The firm has had extensive experience in franchise agreements, both on the side of franchisers and franchisees, especially in the food sector.

Infrastructure and Real Estate Transactions

In the field of infrastructure, the Firm has represented important clients in the contracting of private individuals with the State, and among private individuals in large-scale projects, in areas of civil, industrial engineering, etc.

The origins of our firm were mainly in the area of Commercial Law and in Real Estate, and for this reason it has been for many years one of the leading firms in this area in Venezuela, having represented a large number of clients in the various activities related to the real estate sector, from the founding of the promoter company until the final sale.

Some of our partners have been members of the Boards of Directors of or have actively participated in guild organizations, such as the Venezuelan Real Estate Chamber and the Venezuelan Chamber of Construction.

Energy, Oil, Gas and Mining

The Firm has assisted companies that have participated and participate in this important Venezuelan market. We have advised our clients in joint ventures with the State and other private companies; in the management and preparation of proposals/tenders for mining concessions. The team in charge of this area works in constant coordination with the other departments of the Firm.

Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets

The Firm is an essential reference both in the banking and financial sector, as well as in the stock market and insurance sector, since the professionals of this department have proven to be highly prepared for the design and drafting of policies, standards and procedures, training programs, codes of business ethics, among others. Within this specialty, stand out the programs for the prevention and control of money laundering especially addressed to the financial as well as to the goods and services sector.

In the area of capital markets, the team has worked in public and private placements of both public and private individuals, securitizations, and in debt and derivative placements, both in the domestic and in the foreign market.

Foreign Exchange Regime

The Firm advises all its clients on the limitations and obligations arising from the Foreign Exchange Control Regimes that have existed in Venezuela and that have an impact on their daily line of business; as well as on the regulations contained in special laws establishing restrictions for the payment of amounts in foreign currency.

Foreign Investments

The firm has had extensive experience in advising on foreign investment matters, including advice on processing and registration of foreign investment in Venezuela, drafting and registration of technical assistance and technology contracts, as well as patent and trademark license agreements.



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