The Firm


The Firm was established in 1986 by its four founding partners. From the beginning, it was planned to provide integral legal assistance services to its clients in an exclusively institutional manner, in the form of a civil society. Currently, ARAQUEREYNA has a full time team of lawyers. Its different law practices consistently integrate into a solid professional organization having a vocation for excellence and commitment to its clients, structured to provide multidisciplinary legal services in the fundamental areas required by any institution engaging in business in Venezuela.


Professional and Institutional Presence


The Firm actively participates in different areas of Venezuelan institutional life, which allows it to (i) anticipate the multiple and permanent changes that may affect or have the potential to affect its clients in one way or another; and (ii) positively contribute to discussions and doctrinal and academic developments in the field of law.


Teaching Activity


Another important group of its members complements its professional practice with teaching activities in the faculties of Law of the most prestigious national universities, and also significantly contributes with the production of new Venezuelan legal literature.

Our Values

Search for Excellence



Social Responsability

Commitment to the Client


The Firm’s lawyers base their practice on professionalism, compliance with the law and justice, as well as on a solid respect for the values that sustain it. Every lawyer who carries out his/her professional practice in ARAQUEREYNA must maintain a solid coherence between their professional practice and the institution’s values.