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Group of non for profit organizations whose mission is to improve the quality of life for America’s young indigenous people. By emphasizing education, food, health, family values, and ancestral traditions, we help tribes that live in the Venezuelan southern plains. These are highly vulnerable communities deeply affected by the economic and social crisis of that country.



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Social Impact Project

Group of non for  profit  organizations whose mission is  to improve the quality of life for the Americas young indigenous people. By emphasizing  in education, food, health, family values and ancestral traditions, we help tribes that live in the venezuelan southern...

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What are the implications of the new Great Wealth Tax?

To whom does this obligation apply?Any and all legal entities or persons that have been designated as special agents by the Tax Administration (SENIAT), so long as they hold wealth equal to or greater than 150.000.000 Unidades Tributarias (UT)[1].This tax...

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