Antonio Canova



Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Lawyer, 1991); Universidad Central de Venezuela (Extension Course in Procedural Law, 1995); (Master in Administrative Law, 1995); Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, (Diploma of Advanced Studies, Master in Constitutional Law, 2002); (Juris Doctor, 2007).


Mr. Canova has gained significant professional experience in the field of the Judiciary in Venezuela. He was reporter and assistant lawyer of the Political and Administrative Chamber and the Plenary Chamber of the former Supreme Court of Justice, as well as reporter of the First Contentious Administrative Court.

In addition, he has stood out as a legal consultant of the Commission of the Supreme Court of Justice for the elaboration of the Constitutional Justice Law and for the preparation of the Constitutional Jurisdiction Bill, in the Supreme Tribunal of Justice.

Mr. Canova has extensive experience in providing legal advice to social programs and to the Municipal Engineering Bureau of the Mayor’s Office of the Chacao Municipality. From 2002 he was the Partner in charge of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department of the Firm Bolinaga, Levy, Márquez & Canova, where he was regarded as one of the most recognized figures in Public Law in Venezuela, exercising his professional practice before the courts and the Higher Court and providing constant optimal counseling to national and international clients.

He joined ARAQUEREYNA in 2012 as Partner of the Administrative, Economic and Regulatory Law Department.

He has published various legal books and articles, including “Reflections on the reform of the Venezuelan contentious-administrative system”, which was awarded the National Prize of the Academy of Political and Social Sciences in 1997; “The reality of Venezuelan contentious-administrative litigation (A call to attention vis-à-vis the devastating statistics of the Political-Administrative Chamber of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in 2007 and first half of 2008)”, which was awarded a Special Mention of the same prize in 2009; and his most recent publication: “The Iberoamerican model of Constitutional Justice. Characteristics and originality”, 2012.


Mr. Canova is Professor Instructor at the Faculty of Law of the Andrés Bello Catholic University, and Professor of the Master in Administrative and Procedural Law at the Central University of Venezuela and the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Additionally, he teaches in the Master in Procedural Constitutional Law at the Monteávila University and in the Specialization Course on Human Rights of the Andrés Bello Catholic University.


Member of the Venezuelan Association of Administrative Law (AVEDA), Caracas (2001); founder member of the Council of Merit of the Venezuelan Institute of Procedural Law Studies (1998).

He formed part of the editorial board of the “Public Law Journal”, published by Editorial Jurídica Venezolana, Caracas (2004) and of the Scientific Advisory Council of the “Administrative Law Journal” and the “Constitutional Law Journal”, in Caracas.

He is also member of the Advisory Council of “ERGA OMNES”, legal journal of the Municipal Attorney General’s Office of the Chacao Municipality, published by the Chacao Municipality of Miranda State (2007).

He is the Director General of the Civil Association “The Rule of Law” and member of the Caracas Bar Association.